Anticipating the Dutch MotoGP, Ducati Corse boss, Gigi Dall'Igna, couldn't resist taunting Honda and Yamaha due to their mistakes.

Gigi Dall'Igna
(source : AFP)

Over the past three or four years, the decline of Honda and Yamaha in MotoGP has become increasingly noticeable.

Gigi believes that Honda and Yamaha have made fundamental errors in designing their MotoGP programs. Their focus has been solely on developing MotoGP bikes based on the feedback of a single rider.

It's known that Honda relies exclusively on input from Marc Marquez, while Yamaha relies solely on Fabio Quartararo for the development of their bikes.

Conversely, Ducati has taken a different approach. Not only do they have eight bikes on the MotoGP grid, but Gigi is renowned for being a boss who listens to input even from riders who join the team late.

Ducati may not have immediately reaped the rewards of their patience in MotoGP, but they are currently experiencing the success of their bike development strategy, which has propelled them to dominate MotoGP.

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After sweeping the championship titles for riders, teams, and constructors last year, Ducati is poised to repeat their success this year. They have already secured victory in 11 out of 14 races, including sprint races, with KTM winning twice and Honda winning once.

Ducati Highlights Fundamental Errors of Honda and Yamaha

Gigi Dall'Igna
(source: Crash)

Yamaha is a team that has yet to secure a victory this season. Quartararo achieved the best result, finishing in third place, but he leads the Japanese manufacturers' riders by ranking eighth in the standings.

Yamaha finds itself at the bottom of the constructors' standings, while Honda sits in fourth position behind the three European teams: Ducati, KTM, and Aprilia.

"Their fundamental mistake is relying solely on the input of one rider, basing the entire bike development on one main rider for each brand," Gigi said in an interview with

"Many times, top riders or champions provide feedback that is not entirely accurate. Their talent often masks the weaknesses of the bike."

Ducati Listens to All Riders on the Grid

Ducati implements a different development strategy. They listen to input from all eight riders, ranging from Pecco Bagnaia to Johann Zarco.

"In a paradoxical manner, to build a project successfully, you must listen to the voices of all the riders," he remarked.

Ducati's Stance on Team Order Strategy

Lately, Ducati has been frequently questioned about the possibility of implementing team orders due to the intense competition among their riders.

Gigi provided a response to this matter, stating, "Team orders are only applicable if our rider has a chance to win and is threatened by another rider from a different brand."

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If the competition between Ducati riders continues, Gigi ensures that all riders will have the freedom to compete on equal terms.

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