NBA Finals 2023, Nuggets Edge Closer to Championship with Game 4 Victory

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The Denver Nuggets find themselves on the verge of securing their first-ever NBA championship. After a triumphant performance in Game 4, the Nuggets now hold a commanding 3-1 lead over the Miami Heat, winning 108-95 at the Kesaya Center on Saturday morning, June 10, 2023, in the WIB time zone.

With their victory in Game 4, the Nuggets only need one more win to clinch the NBA championship for the year 2023. The fifth game of the NBA Finals 2023 is set to take place at the Nuggets' home court next Tuesday.

The Nuggets got off to an excellent start in Game 4, initially leading by as many as seven points. However, the outstanding performance of Jimmy Butler allowed the Heat to mount a comeback.

The Heat managed to take a half-point lead when Butler sank a buzzer-beating three-point shot at the end of the first quarter. Butler contributed nine points in the first quarter alone, helping the Heat secure a 21-20 advantage.

The Nuggets faced an early setback in the second quarter when Nikola Jokic exited the game due to an ankle injury. In Jokic's absence, Aaron Gordon stepped up with an outstanding performance, scoring 15 points in the second quarter to maintain the Nuggets' lead.

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Fortunately for the Nuggets, Jokic's injury turned out to be less severe than initially feared. He returned to the game midway through the second quarter and made an immediate impact. The Serbian player quickly heated up, sinking two three-pointers. As a result, the Nuggets held a four-point lead at halftime.

Gordon, the Hero for the Nuggets

Entering the third quarter, the Nuggets continued their dominance over the game. They started pulling away from the Heat, reaching a double-digit lead. Gordon remained hot in the third quarter, contributing through alley-oops and three-point shots.

Disaster struck the Nuggets at the beginning of the fourth quarter when Jokic had to be temporarily benched due to foul trouble. The Heat took advantage of this opportunity and narrowed the gap to five points.

However, the Nuggets responded well to the challenge. Gordon and Jeff Green's three-point shots allowed the Nuggets to regain their lead. They managed to maintain an eight-point margin.

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Eight consecutive points from bench player Bruce Brown ensured that the Nuggets extinguished the Heat's resistance in Game 4 of the NBA Finals 2023.

Aaron Gordon Shines as the Star of Game 4 in NBA Finals 2023

Gordon emerged as the star of the Nuggets' victory in this fourth game. The former Orlando Magic player contributed an impressive 27 points, while Jokic finished with 23 points. On the Heat's side, Butler added 25 points to their tally.

The Nuggets are now just one win away from securing their first NBA championship. The upcoming fifth game of the NBA Finals, to be held at the Nuggets' home court, will undoubtedly be filled with anticipation and excitement as both teams battle for the coveted title. Basketball fans around the world eagerly await the conclusion of this thrilling series.

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