iOS 17 Unveils Exciting New Feature for iPhone Keyboard, Autocorrect Smarter Than Ever

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Apple recently rolled out the iOS 17 Beta 4 update for developers, introducing a slew of features and enhancements that make the iPhone experience even better and more intuitive.

Among the notable changes are several small yet highly useful tweaks to improve the user experience with the keyboard. After all, the keyboard is one of the most crucial features on the iPhone and any smartphone.

Here's a rundown of the updated features and improvements to the iPhone keyboard brought about by iOS 17, as reported by MacRumors on Sunday, July 30, 2023.

1. Autocorrect

Apple has enhanced the machine learning technology used for the autocorrect feature on the iOS 17. Adopting a language model called "transformer language model," Apple now provides improved personalization for autocorrect, catering to each user's preferences.

This language model can better learn the user's personal choices, including frequently used words. As a result, the personalized autocorrect feature enriches the overall iPhone keyboard experience.

According to MacRumors, who have been using iOS 17 for several weeks, users will notice that their iPhone's autocorrect suggestions have become more accurate and adept at predicting the intended words.

Autocorrect now excels in understanding acronyms, word abbreviations, slang, and more, and it can be applied effortlessly.

2. Autocorrect Improvements

When the autocorrect feature changes a word on the keyboard, iOS 17 adds a blue line beneath the corrected word. This blue line can be tapped.

By tapping the blue line, the user can view the original word they typed. Tapping the original word allows the keyboard to use it instead of the autocorrected version.

Furthermore, if there are autocorrect options for words you've typed, the keyboard will also display them.

This functionality proves particularly useful when autocorrect corrects a word that you actually didn't want to change.

3. Instant Word Suggestions (Autofill)

With iOS 17, several word suggestions now appear as you type, and users can tap the space bar to insert them. For instance, if you start typing "didn't," the iPhone will offer the letter "t" as an autofill option after you type 'didn'.

This makes typing faster, as you can simply tap the space bar instead of finishing spelling or typing the whole word.

This feature will continue to improve as users get more acquainted with iOS 17.

4. Sentence Autofill Feature

The word autofill feature, which offers suggestions for a single line, now extends to entire sentences. Users can now type what they need by tapping the space bar just once or twice.

5. Enhanced Grammar Correction

After users finish typing a sentence, if there are any errors in word usage or other grammar mistakes, the iPhone will highlight those errors.

By tapping on the highlighted errors, you can view suggested corrections. For instance, if you accidentally swap the words "affect" and "effect" in a sentence, the iPhone will identify this and suggest the correct word to be used.

In some cases, the iPhone will even fix the error automatically. This applies to common grammar issues like then/than, they're/their/there, two/to/too, your/you're, its/it's, and many others.

While iOS 16 addressed some of these issues, the iOS 17 update takes it to a whole new level, providing an even better experience.

6. Speech-to-Text Revamped

The Speech-to-Text feature, also known as Dictation, on the iPhone has received a remarkable upgrade with the adoption of the 'transformer language model,' the same model Apple uses for text. Now, Dictation can better understand what the user wants to convey, even when there are multiple word options.

While Dictation has come a long way, it is still a work in progress, continuously evolving to become even more refined.

7. Stickers Turn into Emojis

Emojis have become an integral part of our keyboards. In iOS 17, stickers and emojis have been merged seamlessly. So, when you tap the emoji icon on the keyboard, you'll not only find emojis but also your entire collection of stickers.

The result is that users can now enjoy their stickers in more places while using this operating system. Additionally, in messenger applications, emojis can be utilized as stickers, adding an extra touch of fun and creativity to your messages.

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