Lionel Messi's Transfer to Inter Miami, It's Not Just About the Salary, Contract Details Seal the Deal

Lionel Messi
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Inter Miami has managed to secure the services of Lionel Messi in a transfer that has shocked the world. Messi's arrival at Inter Miami is set to transform the landscape of soccer in the United States, just as David Beckham did before.

One of the owners of Inter Miami, Jorge Mas, has finally revealed the contract details of Lionel Messi. He stated that the idea of bringing Messi to the club had been brewing since 2019.

"Since 2019, we've been contemplating how to bring him here. Messi has the potential to elevate MLS to become one of the top three leagues in the world," Mas said, as quoted by El Pais.

"I believe he came here with the desire to leave a lasting impact. Not only on the field but also beyond football. When he retires, he will have a stake in the club," he added.

This is one of the agreements that convinced Messi to join Inter Miami. Mas stated that Messi has the potential to become a figure akin to Michael Jordan or David Beckham.

"I envision a life after soccer for Messi that will closely resemble what happened to David Beckham or Michael Jordan," he said.

Key Factors that Sealed Messi's Contract with Inter Miami

Messi also revealed when negotiations with Inter Miami were finalized. However, he did not want to burden Messi with unnecessary pressure.

"I can say that negotiations were concluded by the end of May. I didn't want to make him feel any unnecessary pressure," he said.

"We met in Barcelona, Miami, Rosario, Doha... I spent all my time during the Qatar World Cup watching Argentina. The Apple contract played a significant role in finalizing the negotiations."

Lionel Messi's Salary Package

Jorge Mas also disclosed the contents of Lionel Messi's contract. In his contract, Messi will receive an annual salary of around $50 to $60 million, equivalent to Rp 902 billion.

Mas also revealed how long he had been pursuing Messi's signing.

"I spent three years pursuing Messi, with 1.5 years being the most intensive period," Mas said.

"There were many discussions with Jorge Messi. David spoke directly with Messi, focusing solely on football matters since he is a player himself."

Jorge Mas Comments on Sergio Busquets' Transfer to Inter Miami

Jorge Mas also commented on Busquets' arrival at Inter Miami, expressing his satisfaction with having an important player alongside Messi.

"For us, it is crucial to have players surrounding Messi at this level. We negotiated with him for a year," he said.

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Mas also confirmed the possibility of making two or three more signings. He mentioned the potential recruitment of Jordi Alba but expressed uncertainty regarding Luis Suarez and Angel di Maria.

Former Barcelona Coach Tata Martino Takes Charge

The Barcelona influence at Inter Miami continues to grow. After acquiring Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets, Inter Miami has also recruited Gerardo Martino, affectionately known as Tata Martino, who previously coached Barcelona from 2013 to 2015.

Tata Martino replaces Manchester United legend Phil Neville, whose tenure with Inter Miami was a complete failure. Neville led Inter Miami to a slump and was dismissed in early June.

He has now been replaced by Tata Martino, a highly experienced coach. His career began in 1998, and he has managed various clubs such as Barcelona, the Argentine National Team, Newell's Old Boys, Mexico, Paraguay, and MLS club Atlanta United.

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Martino won the MLS Cup with Atlanta United in 2018. David Beckham welcomed Tata Martino's arrival to the Inter Miami "galaxy," ready to bring a fresh surge of strength in the upcoming season.

"Tata is a highly respected figure in football, and his track record showcases his greatness," Beckham said, as quoted by Metro.

"We believe his achievements in soccer and his coaching experience will inspire our team and bring joy to the fans. I can't wait to see the impact he will make on and off the field with this team."

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