Ronaldo Labelled a Fool After 'Encouraging' Top Players to Move to Saudi Arabia

Cristiano Ronaldo
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Al Nassr star Cristiano Ronaldo has been called an idiot for opening the door for several top European players to move to the Saudi Arabian Pro League this season. The criticism of Ronaldo comes from Henrique Raposo, a historian, political scientist, and columnist for Expresso and Radio Renascenca.

Raposo expressed his frustration with a number of top European stars who are still considered capable of competing in the "Blue Continent" but are enticed to play in the Saudi Arabian League. This disappointment led Raposo to accuse Ronaldo as the cause.

He regarded Ronaldo as "useful idiots," someone who is politically exploited by certain parties, in this case, the Saudi Arabian regime.

"The problem started with Ronaldo, who became the idiot who was used by the dictatorship, one of the worst in the world, and opened the door for other players to also become useful fools of the dictatorship, which is trying to legitimize itself," Raposo said, as quoted by Abola.

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Raposo also criticized the involvement of Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in the current "crazy" Saudi League transfers.

Cristiano Ronaldo moved to the Saudi League in December 2022 with a lucrative salary. After that, several top players such as Karim Benzema, N'Golo Kante, Kalidou Koulibaly, Ruben Neves, and Edouard Mendy followed suit and moved to Saudi clubs.

"There is a figure here, Mohammad bin Salman, who is 'drying up' the local power and turning Saudi Arabia into a kind of European dictatorship, with a centralized state and a dictator," Raposo explained.

Raposo expressed sadness at seeing several productive players leave the famously competitive European football scene for the Saudi League.

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"It is truly heartbreaking to see football players who are stars, symbols, and role models for our children, not only in Europe but around the world, become fools who are exploited by a dictatorship. We have players earning a net income of 5, 6, 7, 10 million euros and receiving offers of 50, 60, or 70 million euros," Raposo said.

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