Samsung Continues to Explore the Design of the Galaxy Z Series Ahead of the Latest Launch

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Four years ago, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Series, a foldable smartphone that revolutionized the industry with its innovative folding screen. One of the key factors behind the success of the Galaxy Z Series is its seamless folding form factor, which allows the device to be placed securely in any folded position.

This innovation has expanded the usage of smartphones and brought a new experience to users. Since then, Samsung has been committed to delivering the necessary innovations through the Galaxy Z Series, especially in the field of foldable smartphones, to meet the needs of consumers.

According to Verry Octavianus, the Product Marketing Manager of Samsung Mobile Experience Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Samsung continuously listens to consumer needs in order to design the Galaxy Z Series. This way, foldable devices can evolve with each generation, featuring functional and stylish designs without compromising durability.

By consistently releasing new models of the Galaxy Z Series every year, Samsung has become a pioneer in the foldable smartphone market. In Indonesia, Oppo is currently the only other competitor with its Oppo N2 Flip foldable device.

For Samsung, the introduction of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 is expected to pave the way for the continuous evolution of foldable devices. Research conducted in the United States shows that people are interested in foldable devices due to their portability and ease of use. In fact, 67% of respondents consider portability as an important factor, and foldable devices are seen as ideal for multitasking.

Continuing to Develop the Design of Foldable Smartphones

The Galaxy Z Series features a design that optimizes the functionality of a foldable device, which sets it apart from conventional smartphones. The Galaxy Z Fold, for instance, offers a large screen when unfolded, equivalent to combining two smartphones. This device offers various multitasking capabilities and enhances mobile productivity. Samsung has also added innovations to the design of the Galaxy Z Fold to enhance user comfort, such as the under-display camera, which provides an immersive display.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Z Flip is compact, about half the size of a regular smartphone when closed, but it offers essential functions like making calls, replying to messages, and taking photos. The practicality of the Galaxy Z Flip allows Samsung to incorporate various features, such as a larger cover screen, enabling users to be more creative in content creation and enjoy interactions without having to unfold the device.

Hinges that Support Design Durability

Samsung has introduced four generations of foldable smartphones so far, with one of the key elements being the hinge or hideaway hinge technology. This technology was first introduced in the Galaxy Z Flip and has been continuously developed up to the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Initially, the hinge accommodated the full opening and closing motion, but now it allows the device to remain strong when folded at various angles. This hinge development provides an enhanced experience when using the Flex Mode feature on the Galaxy Z Flip for content creation, video watching, and conference calls.

Moreover, Samsung has made efforts to make the smartphones lighter in weight, slimmer in dimensions, and with thinner bezels to enhance their appeal. The company claims that the design is constantly updated with various new innovations. For example, the latest Galaxy Z Flip is equipped with water resistance thanks to its IPX8 certification.

Foldable Screen Design as a Fashion Statement

Samsung not only focuses on improving the functionality of its devices but also creates foldable devices that are stylish and complement the fashion statements of their users. For instance, with the release of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung collaborated with designer Thom Browne to introduce the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Thom Browne Edition. Furthermore, with the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition, offering 75 color combinations on the glass body.

Exclusive After-Sales Service: Unlimited Replacement of Protective Film During the Warranty Period

Samsung understands that durability is one of the main considerations for users when purchasing foldable smartphones. Therefore, the Galaxy Z Series is designed to be durable, using robust materials and undergoing stringent durability tests. This ensures that users can use the Galaxy Z Series for an extended period of time. In addition to durability, Samsung provides the Galaxy Z Premier Service, which offers special services for foldable smartphones.

This service includes the unlimited replacement of protective film during the warranty period, free of charge. Samsung also provides a premium hotline specifically for Galaxy Z Series users who require assistance with any device-related issues.

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