Surprising Attention from English Premier League Clubs, Juventus Defender's Retirement Plans Might be Shelved Next Year

Leonardo Bonucci
(source:Marco BERTORELLO / AFP)
Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci is reportedly engaged in discussions regarding a surprising move to Newcastle this summer. Reports from Italy suggest that Bonucci still desires to make the most of his time on the green field before retiring.

The 36-year-old Juventus center-back recently announced his intention to retire at the end of the upcoming season after a career spanning 18 years, during which he clinched nine Serie A titles and the European Championship with Italy.

Bonucci, who made 16 appearances in the league last season, currently has 12 months remaining on his contract with Serie A club Juventus. Despite plans to part ways before 2024 being in the works for quite some time.

So, where will Bonucci be playing in the upcoming months? According to the Italian publication Calciomercato, the experienced center-back is ready to evaluate offers from top leagues after rejecting interest from Saudi Arabia and MLS.

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Bonucci is now seeking "one last opportunity" before hanging up his boots. And, surprisingly, Newcastle is reported to be interested in striking a deal. In fact, meetings have already taken place to discuss the potential agreement.

Bonucci Linked with Newcastle Elicits Fans' Reactions

As reported by Calciomercato, there have not been any concrete offers made thus far, but the English Premier League club is currently making assessments regarding the "economic, technical, physical, and motivational" aspects of the potential deal.

However, what is clear is that the news of Bonucci being linked with Newcastle has stirred reactions from fans on social media regarding his transfer links.

"If he's willing to play as a squad player with a reasonable wage, then his trophy-winning experience could be a valuable asset for a year. However, I can't see this happening," said one fan.

Bonucci Considered a Fantastic Signing

"I mean, it wouldn't be a sensational stop-gap for just one season if we can't acquire a new center-back. It would be a good rotation option for all the additional games next season," added another fan.

A third fan chimed in, "People are sleeping on Bonucci for us. I think he would be a fantastic signing. Look at Thiago Silva at Chelsea."

Revealing his Retirement Decision in 2024

As mentioned earlier, Bonucci has revealed his decision to retire in 2024, although a move to Newcastle might potentially overturn those plans.

Speaking to the Juventus YouTube channel to mark his 500th appearance for the Old Lady, he said, "When I stop playing next year, it will be the end of an era of defending, the Italian style of defending.

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"It's a source of pride to be up there with the greatest. I hope many future defenders like us, with Baresi, Maldini, Nesta, Cannavaro, will see the four of us as idols.

"That means we've achieved a lot and given a lot to the game."

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