The Monster Triumphs, Naoya Inoue's Sensational TKO Victory over Stephen Fulton

Naoya Inoue
(Richard A. Brooks / AFP)
In a thrilling boxing match at Ariake Arena, Tokyo, on Tuesday night (July 25, 2023), Japanese boxer Naoya Inoue emerged victorious over the WBO and WBC super bantamweight world champion, Stephen Fulton. Fighting in front of his home crowd, the fighter known as "The Monster" secured a TKO victory in the eighth round. The referee had no choice but to stop the fight after witnessing Fulton unable to withstand The Monster's relentless attacks in the corner of the ring.

This victory also fulfills Inoue's ambition of being Japan's pound-for-pound best boxer. He is now the second fighter from the Land of the Rising Sun to hold world champion titles in four different weight classes, following Kazuto Ioka's achievement in June 2019.

Before claiming Fulton's championship belt, Inoue had already completed an illustrious career by winning world titles in the flyweight, super flyweight, and bantamweight divisions. This win further solidifies Naoya Inoue's impressive record, boasting an undefeated 25-0 (22 KO) in his professional boxing journey. Conversely, this loss marks the first in Fulton's career, leaving him with a 22-1 record (8 KO).

Fulton did show some resistance in the early stages of the match. He even managed to land a few punches on The Monster's face, displaying his skills as a fighter from the United States.

However, Inoue, competing in a weight class heavier than his usual, exhibited superior stamina. By the seventh round, the 27-year-old boxer began to dominate the duel with his powerful punch combinations.

The nickname "The Monster" truly lived up to its name in the eighth round. Inoue unleashed a devastating combination that sent Fulton crashing to the canvas. Starting with a body jab, Inoue followed up with a powerful hook to Fulton's exposed face, leaving him staggering.

Although Fulton attempted to rise before the referee's ten-count, he eventually fell again after taking a left-handed blow from Inoue. The referee initiated the count, but Fulton managed to beat the count and the fight continued.

However, this only delayed Inoue's triumph momentarily. Shortly after, he continued to rain down punches on Fulton, cornering him against the ropes. Fulton found himself unable to mount a significant defense, leading the referee to intervene and stop the duel, declaring Inoue the winner by TKO.

The electrifying fight showcased Naoya Inoue's remarkable skills and cemented his place as one of the most dominant boxers of his time, leaving fans in awe of The Monster's incredible performance.

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