Twitter Limits DMs for Unverified Users, The Battle for the Blue Tick

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In a bid to assert its authority and encourage more users to subscribe to Twitter Blue, the social media giant, Twitter, is tightening its grip on the platform, specifically targeting unverified users who opt not to pay for the premium service.

The company recently announced its plans to implement new rules that would restrict the number of direct messages (DMs) unverified accounts can send per day. This move comes as Twitter seeks to combat the surge in spam messages in its direct messaging system.

On July 14, 2023, Twitter introduced a new messaging setting that funnels DMs from accounts followed by users into their primary inboxes, while DMs from verified users they do not follow are directed to their message requests inbox. The platform claimed that this change resulted in a 70% reduction in spam messages within just one week of its rollout. Prior to this update, Twitter limited the ability to send DMs to non-followers solely for Twitter Blue subscribers.

While Twitter maintains that the forthcoming changes are aimed at curbing spam, critics argue that it's a less subtle maneuver to nudge unverified users towards subscribing to Twitter Blue.

Indeed, the company's announcement explicitly states that users should "subscribe to send more messages" and includes a link to the subscription page. This, combined with Twitter's previous limitation on the number of tweets viewable per day for unverified accounts, which capped at 600 posts, reveals the platform's efforts to push unverified users towards becoming paying members.

Twitter's Revenue-Sharing Program for Content Creators

In a surprising turn of events, Twitter has unveiled its Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program, where eligible content creators will receive a share of the advertising revenue generated on the platform.

In a tweet from their official account, @Twitter, the company declared, "Surprise! Today we're launching the Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program."

Twitter is expanding its range of monetization offerings for creators, including a revenue-sharing option for ads. This means creators can earn a portion of the ad revenue, starting from replies to their posts," stated Twitter.

The initiative is part of Twitter's efforts to directly assist individuals in earning income through the platform. The company has announced that it will launch the program more broadly at the end of July, and all eligible creators can apply for enrollment.

According to Twitter's Help Center, accounts can qualify for monetization if they are paying subscribers of Twitter Blue or are verified organization accounts. Additionally, these Twitter accounts must have garnered at least 5 million impressions on their posts in the last three months and have passed a human review for Creator Monetization Standards.

Elon Musk, the mind behind Twitter, revealed that the initial payout to creators would amount to a total of $5 million, accumulated since February and onward. Payments from Twitter to content creators will be processed via the Stripe platform.

Earning from Ads, Twitter's Promise to Creators

Elon Musk
Upon official monetization, Twitter users will have the opportunity to earn money from the ads that appear in responses to their tweets.

The plan to share ad revenue with creators was previously hinted by Elon Musk at the beginning of the year.

As reported by Engadget on February 3, 2023, Elon Musk announced that Twitter would start sharing ad revenue with creators for ads displayed in response threads.

"Starting today, Twitter will share ad revenue with creators for ads that appear in their response threads," the Tesla CEO wrote.

However, Twitter has established criteria for creators to be eligible for ad revenue sharing. Elon mentioned in a subsequent tweet that the account must be a Twitter Blue Verified subscriber. "To qualify, the account must be a Twitter Blue Verified subscriber," he wrote.

As Twitter takes bold steps to incentivize users to embrace Twitter Blue and maintain a verified status, the dynamics of content creation and engagement on the platform are bound to experience a transformation. Creators will have more reasons to actively participate and monetize their efforts, while the battle for the coveted blue tick intensifies among users. Only time will tell how this unfolding story will shape the future of Twitter's ecosystem and the digital landscape at large.

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