Facing Formidable Opponents, Glenn Nirwan Gains Renewed Vigor for ISSOM 2023 Round 4

Glenn Nirwan
Descending upon the Indonesian Sentul Series of Motorsport (ISSOM) 2023 like a force of nature is none other than BRM Motorsport ICD's ace racer, Glenn Nirwan. After a remarkable hiatus of 13 years, Nirwan made his triumphant return to ISSOM in March 2023, setting the stage ablaze once again.

What stokes the embers of Nirwan's racing spirit? It's his unyielding ability to maintain his dual championship status – reigning as the double winner in two fiercely competitive classes: Electric Touring Car Racing (ETCR) and the Indonesia Super Touring Car Racing 3600 (ISTCR 3600).

Engaging in this riveting motorsport saga, Glenn Nirwan faces off against some of the motorsport world's heavyweights. Among them, a name that resonates like a symphony of victories – Alvin Bahar, an 11-time ISSOM national champion, and Benny Santoso, the maestro of ISTCR 3600. Not to be overshadowed, Romel Deffari adds yet another layer of challenge in the ETCC class.

However, Glenn doesn't see his rivals as adversaries to be conquered. In his eyes, each racer on the track is a formidable contender, each bearing their own weight of experience and skill. "In the race, I strive to maintain a calm demeanor. Alvin Bahar, Benny Santoso – they are my mentors, guiding me to a realm of continuous learning," Glenn Nirwan expressed to the press on Wednesday, August 16, 2023.

Glorifying Teamwork, Glenn Nirwan's Triumph in ISSOM Round 3

With the elegance of an Audi RS3 TCR under his command, Glenn Nirwan's humility paved the way for another splendid victory. He secured the double winner title in both of his chosen classes during the third lap of the Indonesian Sentul Series of Motorsport (ISSOM) at the Sentul International Circuit in Bogor, West Java, last weekend.

Glenn humbly credits his success to the meticulous preparations of his team leading up to the third round. And a cherry on top – the presence of his father, Roy Nirwan, in the pit added a unique kind of motivation to Glenn and the entire BRM Motorsport TCD team.

"This triumph is a testament to the extraordinary synergy of the team. From officials to mechanics, everyone contributed significantly. Om Rizal Sungkar's support was invaluable. Moreover, the arrival of our team owner, Pak Roy Nirwan – a father figure to us all – injected boundless enthusiasm and constructive inputs, paving the way for a smooth path to securing the double winner title," shared Glenn, the younger sibling of national rally champion Ryan Nirwan.

Ardently Awaiting ISSOM Round 4

Without a doubt, Glenn Nirwan's outstanding achievements in the third ISSOM round have injected a surge of strength and self-assurance. His optimism shines brighter than ever as he gears up for the upcoming fourth round of ISSOM in mid-September. With his sights set high, he's eager to clinch two more victories in the forthcoming races.

"There's no alternative; I must aim for maximum results once again, just like in round 3. Naturally, my hope is for our team's collaboration to continue flourishing as it has been," Glenn emphasized with determination.

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