"Only Up" Disappears from Steam Due to Developer's Viral Stress

Only Up
Only Up (Credit:Steam)
A viral game that gained popularity among YouTubers and Twitch streamers, "Only Up," has suddenly vanished from the Steam platform.

As of Saturday, September 9, 2023, when Tech analysis observed, attempts to locate the game "Only Up" on Steam were fruitless. Even a Google search no longer displayed the Steam page for "Only Up!" The game's image was missing, and the purchase button had vanished.

Furthermore, it was stated that the PC game "Only Up!" was no longer available on the Steam store, and its developer had changed their name to "Indiesolodev."

All that remains on the page are reviews from players, most of which are positive, praising the game's simple gameplay but high level of difficulty.

Upon further investigation, it turns out that the creator of "Only Up!," SKCR Games, faced a similar issue to what Flappy Bird's creator experienced due to the success of the game.

In a notice about an update to "Only Up!," the viral game's developer claimed to be a solo developer, and this game was their first experience in game development.

"I've been extremely stressed out by this game for the past few months. Now I want to forget about the game," the developer wrote in a post on the Steam Community page.

"And yes, this game won't be available on the Steam store anytime soon; that's my own decision. What I need now is peace of mind and recovery," the developer stated.

Not the First Time Missing from Steam

Only Up
Only Up (Credit:Steam)
The developer also mentioned they would take a break, continue their education in game design, and channel their energy into their next game project, titled "Kith."

"Kith" is promised to bring a new concept with a different level of realism, genre, and setting, with an emphasis on cinematography.

"This time, I hope this project will be created by a small team. It's a challenging project, and I want to significantly improve my game design skills," they said.

According to IGN, this isn't the first time "Only Up!" was pulled from Steam. In late June, it was removed from the Valve platform due to copyright issues regarding assets.

However, the game was restored to Steam after problematic assets were removed.

Can No Longer Be Purchased on Steam

Only Up
Only Up (Credit:Steam)
Despite this, in an update on July 5, the developer claimed that assets such as "anime girls" had "inadvertently entered the game," and the issue had been "amicably resolved" with the asset creator.

"Thanks to those who pointed out the shortcomings in this game," the developer said at the time.

"Sometimes, novice developers find themselves in situations like this, and even the official marketplace for developers can sell devices that contain other people's assets," they added.

Additionally, "Only Up!" was quietly promoting NFTs.

As reported by Gamerant, the disappearance of "Only Up!" from Steam means the game can no longer be purchased from the platform. However, those who already bought it can still play it from their Steam Libraries.

It is unknown whether "Only Up!" will return to Steam or be permanently removed.

Similar to the Removal of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird (Credit:Ubergizmo.com)
A similar issue was experienced by Dong Nguyen, the creator of the mobile game "Flappy Bird," which became popular in 2014. He withdrew his creation from both the App Store and Google Play Store.

At that time, Nguyen stated that he felt guilty because "Flappy Bird" had become an "addictive product," and his life had become uncomfortable.

"I couldn't sleep," Dong Nguyen said at the time. "It was not an easy decision. I felt that it had become a problem."

"Only Up!" gained attention as it was played by many streamers. Some spent hours trying to complete it, while others even rage-quit due to its extreme difficulty.

This adventure game features simple gameplay. Players control a boy who must run and jump over various obstacles and floating objects to reach space.

What makes it difficult is that when a player falls from a height, they might end up far away, or worse, at the bottom or have to start over from the beginning.

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